Little Girl Stories.

Posted by Filipinas Makabenta on Sunday, May 8, 2016 Under: behind the canvas

I am an artist.

I do what I feel that urges me to do: draw.

 As a young girl, that was all I wanted to do.

And at this age, I was told that what you really are intended to do in this great world is revealed to you at age five.

At age five, I remember drawing this great tree.

We were learning about trees. I worked hard on that tree trunk.

 My mother picked me up from school that afternoon and asked how come she has not seen any of my school work home. Seeing every student coming out of the class proudly showing their tree drawings, she was surprised that I had none to show for.

 “I don’t know why but my teacher takes it away. There it is!” said the little girl me, pointing at my drawing.


It’s displayed on the bulletin board.

 I had no idea why that was so. It then was explained to me that the best works get to be shown off that way.

 And so it is.




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